Ezi Cut is without doubt the most funky icon the small town of Ågerup near Roskilde has ever seen!! Not even Ezi Cut’s understanding parents who let him turn up the music in his childhood home could have imagined that he would make Los Angeles his playground and become one of Denmark’s most successful hip hop producers.

Already in the 80s, the pupils at Lindebjerg School in Gundsølille enjoyed Thomas Hinz’ love for music as he was allowed to use the school inspector’s call system so he could pump out hits throughout the school during the breaks. Thomas achieved his Secondary School Leaving Certificate and continued his success at Roskilde Business College where he used a caravan on the school premises as his base to go on air.

After a period of practice working on the grass roots project Roskilde Dampradio Ezi Cut was engaged as DJ at the commercial Radio Roskilde. However, he had to leave, as he had taken some friends along to the recording of a programme one Sunday evening – all against the regulations!

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio, P3, jumped at the opportunity to take on Ezi Cut, and in the early 90s he hosted programmes such as ”Det Dur” (It Works) – together with SoulShock, ”Hip Hop Til Folket” (Hip Hop For the People) and ”Lige På Og Råt” (Head On).

During this period Ezi Cut seriously began producing music. He worked together with names such as Flopstarz, Cut’n’Move and Lasse Illington. The rap album Ezi Cut made with Young Blood was sold to the US. At the same time, Ezi Cut worked as DJ at Boltens Gård.

In the mid-90s Ezi Cut moved to Los Angeles. He visited his producer friend SoulShock. During his stay, they spent most evenings and nights at the studio. One of the tracks they produced during an evening session appealed so much to superstar Tupac that he chose to rap to it, and the song “Old School” was included in the album “Me Against The World” when it was released.

This ushered in a period of seven years in Los Angeles, where Ezi Cut worked together with artists such as Robbie Neville, Angelique Kidjo and Kurupt.

In 2003, Ezi Cut missed home and moved back to Copenhagen. Almost at the same time, the band Den Gale Pose split up and Jokeren was looking for a new producer. Jokeren chose Ezi Cut, and most of both Jokeren’s solo albums (“Alpha Han”, 2003 and “Gigolo Jesus”, 2005) are produced by Ezi Cut.